Meet Dr. Smart

The highlight of my profession is my patients. I’m an extrovert and get recharged by being around people. I love seeing them get what they want in terms of dental care and feel good about the work they’re putting into their health.

I know it sounds odd, but I find the practice of dentistry to be both relaxing and invigorating. There is predictability when it comes to procedures and yet every patient is an individual so each procedure is completely unique. My days are varied and dynamic and I appreciate the energy and excitement my patient family brings into my life.

Our Practice

My coworkers at Northwest Dental are really equals to me when it comes to their importance to the patient and the patient’s experience. They work so hard for, and genuinely care about, our patients. They are good people and I am fortunate to spend my days working by their side.

My coworkers also share my desire to help others. We participate in Donated Dental Services, which helps us do what we’re best at (dentistry) for those who need it the most.

When someone comes to our office, we want them to feel welcome and at home, to know we care about who they are and what they desire. We are professionals who help patients, and we’re people who care about others.


I attended the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry, where I received my Doctorate of Dental Medicine. Since finishing dental school, I’ve logged over 850 hours of continuing education (CE), constantly seeking to expand my knowledge and strengthen the care I provide.

A highlight of my CE efforts is a monthly study club, made up of 12 other local dentists and oral healthcare specialists. At our meetings we discuss current methods, cases, and collaboratively learn.

I'm currently studying how a person’s clenching and grinding can be related to their airway and sleep quality.  This is an issue for both children and adults, and can be related to many dental and overall health issues.

Some of my ongoing CE studies include:

  • Periodontal disease and its relationship with heart health and heart attack risk
  • Implant site selection, development, and restoration
  • Management of missing teeth
  • Dental materials
  • CAD/CAM in-house creation of custom crowns, while the patient is in the office
  • TMD and the muscles of the head and neck
  • Photography and its applications in dentistry

Dentistry is a continually evolving field. My pursuit of new knowledge helps me to provide predictable, stable outcomes for my patients.

Professional Memberships

Beyond the Office

Originally from Coeur d’Alene, ID, I’ve lived in Corvallis since 2008. When I go home in the evening it’s to spend time with my family, two cats, one puppy, and varying numbers of fish.

I enjoy the outdoors and being active, seeking adventure while running or biking. I’m also an adventurous restaurant diner, occasional karaoke singer, and love getting out of town with the family. We’re committed to seeing and experience different cultures around the world and exploring all that our region offers.

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